In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Prophetic Gift and Prebytery

We have such an amazing God who gives His people such amazing gifts.  These gifts come from heaven to us in many ways; through the Spirit of the Lord, of course, through the Word (the written Bible), and even through the gift of His people!

Today I was a website of one of my areas largest churches who continually have great pieces of heaven for the body of Christ.  This week-end they are speaking into some of their leadership and congregational people in an event called a "presbytery".  The word presbytery comes from the Greek word: presbuterion, which means "body of elders". So when a body of believers has a presbytery, the leaders (elders) from their circles of believers begin to seek the Lord and then set a time where random or selected people are ministered to in the way of prophecy for a night, a week-end, a week - whatever their timeframe is.  It is a time to encourage, exhort, refresh, impart and release people into new areas of ministry, speak potential into them, show them new places in the Lord and just overall encourage.  It should NEVER be a time to embarrass or call people out for past sins.

As I read the first two lines (under #2), I felt the Lord so strong where it said: “So when He wants you to do something, He’s going to speak it, or in other words, He’s going to impart it to you.” That was SO good! The Lord speaks to us because He wants us TO DO SOMETHING. So many times, people just do not respond to what God is doing, we hear Him, but do nothing with that information.  Father, forgive us!

When you have prophetic words spoken to you or over you about your destiny, HE WANTS YOU TO DO SOMETHING - to receive and act on that word.  Activate it!

What does that look like?  Well, just like when we build a house, we frame it in first. Prophetic words are the “frames” we build on - we attach structure to.  Take some time to read over (I hope you have them recorded or written down) the prophetic words spoken over you.  Look as see if you are activating in them.  Are you seeking the Lord to use those words to do the kingdom for the Lord.

To read more on what a presbytery is, go to:

Monday, October 3, 2016

The 2016 Election and Christianity

David Barton of WallBuilders
I have known David Barton personally for at least 15 years. He is a man of integrity and knowledge. Here is a short clip of him speaking at Sojourn Church in Dallas Texas on September 4, 2016.  INCREDIBLE, concise and to the point about what matters in this upcoming election cycle and the Christians living here in America. Please listen to what he has to say and ask the Lord about this election. You have until the 11th of October to register to vote here in Texas. If you are my friend reading this, I pray you will VOTE! Our children and their children's futures will be effected by the winner.  

Do you want to listen to the whole message that he gave at Sojourn Church?  Click here.  God help us if Christians again decide to stay home this election cycle!
Here is what he is talking about...follow these links and read for yourself what each party represents

Republican Party Platform
Click on WallBuilders  if you want more information about David Barton and his organization.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

As Easy As Drinking Water...

Today, I stumbled across this incredible testimony from a Muslim converted to Christianity and I found it to be interesting to me on many levels.  Afshin Javid is an ex-Hezbollah Iranian Muslim and he saw Jesus and Jesus talked to him.  Being that I live near the country in Texas, I can go years with no interaction with Muslims and yet three times this week my path has intersected this topic, these people and I even found myself ministering to a Muslim just yesterday.

I was with my son at TxDOT and a Muslim woman came in with her daughter who was getting her driver's license. Honestly, the first thing I noticed was this "distain" that rose up in my heart as I saw her with her head covering and her "religion" and I really didn't "like" her.  You know, the picture that the news is painting and social media is fanning that "they" are here to hurt us - right?  This was troubling to me and I immediately began to dialog with God with what was in MY heart.

If you haven't heard, last week at Ft. Worth's biggest event of the year, (the Ft. Worth Stock Show Rodeo), a Muslim Imam was invited to open one of the sessions with a Islamic blessing. This stirred up a FIRESTORM of very public, direct, honest and sometimes harsh, hate-filled, fear-based and even rude speech against these people and their religion. This "Muslim prayer" had NEVER been done before at the Rodeo and honestly, at any such public event that I have heard of in Texas, because up until recently, this area (Texas) has been the "Bible Belt" a strictly "Christian" area. (I use "quotes" because some people living here in Texas say they are "Christian" but they have "loose" definitions" and even "looser" standards to what that means and sometimes it is just a reason to discriminate. We justify a lot in the name of religion - don't we. Even Jesus posed this question and addressed this topic in the Word and yet many of us still didn't "get it". These topics of "What is Christianity" or "Define Christianity" or "Who is a Christian" will indeed take a whole lifetime of discussions and years of debate to cover and is NOT the focus today. - lol.) I digress but yet there is an "awakening" going on "Deep in the Heart of Texas" as many have been "asleep" in their faith and they are finding a "new cowboy" is in town.

So back to the TxDOT, I immediately began to dialog with God about "what was in my heart for this woman" as this "distain" was certainly NOT from heaven, it was from hell. God LOVES us...ALL of His creation, yet while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8). The whole morning at the TxDOT was filled with things "bumping up in me" as the neighborhood I was in was rather reminiscent of downtown LA or Harlem rather than Ft. Worth, Texas. There was EVERY rainbow of person, style, age, class and flavor and I found myself all morning asking God what He wanted to "show me" and then in walks this Muslim mother and daughter.

Well, we processed through our paperwork and she was also processing through and now we find ourselves in line in our vehicles, them being behind us. I exit my vehicle as my son starts the process of his test and I walk to a nearby convenient store, the whole time talking to God about "things" going on there in the spirit, things going on in our nation, things going on in our society - I was deep in prayer, while "on my way" (Matthew 20:17, Luke 17:11) just doing life. I left the store and come back to see my son hasn't even left the parking lot (as they inspect the car, check this-and-that) and I see the Muslim women is also out of her car...waiting as well. 

Yep, then the Lord prompted me to talk to her. He told me to talk about "being a mother' - we had that in common. We exchanged greetings and then I entered into the discussion of our children and being there and she was shocked to meet an American (she was Jordanian) who had more children than she did (she had 5). We talked, smiled, laughed, shared and in parting I even "blessed" her and she to me. It was a "small" victory in the spirit, but I felt like I had slain Goliath all by myself. I had a great LOVE for her and felt the devil under my feet as I walked away. He can't intimidate me - I am free - No Longer Slaves (by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser)! Jesus loves the Muslim just like He loved and loves me, while in my sin, in my darkness, in my "lostness". He LOVES people - ALL His people!

Then today, I find this link and was undone while listening to this testimony of a Muslim, who found Christ - ALL BY HIMSELF! No witness. No one "preaching", just Holy Spirit going after him...and that is how I am praying now for this woman I met yesterday; Holy Spirit, find her, accost her, arrest her, SAVE her and her entire household.

When we (my son and I) were walking out of the building, rounding the corner, the daughter was now walking in having completed her test. She was VERY American in her dress, her style and all of 16 years old. I asked her how her test went, and she said she had passed. We briefly celebrated her accomplishment and I felt God smiling on her through us, the white "infidels" connecting on a human level - as people with a spirit, a soul and a body. There was a connection of "human-to-human" and her face showed it as did mine.  I am praying for the residue of heaven that leaks from His children will remain on her, draw her, change her, save her.

So today I pray. I pray for these two woman that they too would find Christ, or better yet, that Christ would find them! Father God, overtake them with who you are as they "pray". Make yourself known to them, Jesus. Father, give me a heart for ALL that YOU love! Break my heart for what breaks yours (by Hillsong). Change me to BE the hands and feet of Jesus - WHEREVER I go. I NEED YOU, Holy Spirit! Forgive me for allowing fear, my opinions, my flesh, my hurts to influence me away from YOUR WAYS!

Join me in praying today for Muslims to FIND CHRIST! If you have neighbors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances or even people you met in a line like I did, list them below and let's "target" them with the Love of Christ. Let's join together as a body, a church, a people who are known by our love...Christians! (John 13:35)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Has Stripes?

A friend posted this picture taken from an area elementary school book where I live, which by the way is in the Bible-Belt and not some progressive big-city area.  Her son brought the book home as a reading assignment.

She sent an email to the principal yesterday and her husband went to talk to the principal today.  Do you see why?  They were told the book is an approved book for the District.  The matter was referred to the superintendent.

Look at the picture now if you haven't.  When I am asked about stripes, I immediately think of the "Stars and Stripes", or what we all affectionally call the American flag.  As a believer, when I hear the word "stripes" I think of Jesus and the price he paid for my sin and sickness on his back - by His stripes we are healed.  When I look at the picture above, I immediately see the zebra in plain view and of course, we all know that a zebra has stripes.  Then we quickly begin to scour the picture for more stripes.  They boys shirt, the road, the barbershop pole, the butcher's wall and the rainbow flag.  The rainbow flag?  Why not a rainbow?  If you want a flag, use an American flag.  Why a rainbow flag to bring the discussion of stripes to light?

I showed my children the image for discussion purposes and they said, "American flags have stripes".

I said, "But there is no American flag in the picture."

Then their eyes got HUGE as one said, "Oh, the rainbow flag is a symbol!"  Hmmm - even my children caught the underlying message here.

The parent was told by the principal that rainbows have stripes, but the father responded that there was no rainbow in the picture.  So why did they use the flag?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Please be praying for this situation as the superintendent is being notified of the concern brought by this parent even today.  Our children are being conditioned to embrace things that the Bible clearly calls sin.  This is a problem and it is not just about rainbows!

As Christians, the gay rights issue is becoming bigger and many Christians are backing down or away from it because they personally know many people who they love that are gay.  They see these people as "good people".  "Peaceable," just trying to live life.  I agree!  I too know many people who are gay and I love them!  I also know many people living together outside of marriage, yes, even Christians living together outside of marriage and you know what - I love them BUT whether I love them or not doesn't change what the Word of God says about sin.  WE ALL SIN and fall short of the glory of God but to give sin a pass because it is now politically correct is NOT righteousness!

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!  - Isaiah 5:20

We MUST hold to the truth of scriptures, even when we LOVE PEOPLE who choose to do life their own way.  Loving people doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with them.  Do you ALWAYS agree with your mate?  Your children?  Yet we still love them.  We love them and stand for Truth in the process.  We have to KNOW the Truth (Jesus said, I am the way, the Truth and the life - John 14:6) and the Truth will set us free. - John 8:32.

Our children are being "taught" what the world says is true.  WE MUST teach them the scriptures:

My son (that is you and me), keep my (this is God) Words
    and treasure up My commandments with you;
2 keep My commandments and live;
    keep My teaching as the apple of your eye;
3 bind them on your fingers (like tying a string to your finger so you don't forget something);
    write them on the tablet of your heart (KNOW them and OBEY them in your very heart-of-hearts).
4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”
    and call insight your intimate friend,
5 to keep you from the forbidden woman,
    from the adulteress with her smooth words.  (Interesting that the word adultery (sexual issues) is what we are being warned to keep away from here.) - Proverbs 7:1-5

Father, may we NOT sin against you while gaining the approval of SOME men.  Teach us Your ways, God and let us walk in your Truth!  - Psalm 86:11.  Give us courage to stand-up; even when we feel like we are the only one.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Magnitude of the Problem...

It's been about a month now since flight MH370 went missing and loved ones still have no answers; no bodies to bury, no wreckage to confirm disaster, no answers. Nothing. I can't imagine pain and anguish they are dealing with. Today I saw this report and I felt I needed to stop and pray for these families; many of which are not of the Christian faith so they have NO hope.
Think about that. NO HOPE. 
Click on link to see rest...
Even on my lowest of days, the hardest of things, the darkest hours, I still have a God I can cling to; a God who speaks to me, a God who knows my name and responds to me. NO HOPE. 
Father, help these people deal with the size of this disaster and bring them HOPE as ONLY You can. We pray for them to come to the understanding and the knowledge of the saving power of Jesus Christ. May they find HOPE, REST and PEACE in this terrible storm they are living. Father God, help people FIND this aircraft.  Show them where to look.  Lead them to the spot so these families can have closure.  Thank you Father. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amen.
To see the rest of this image of the scale of things, click the link and see this awesome comparison to get to the "depth of the problem".