In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ancient War Cry - Eric Ludy

Rak Chazak
Bravehearted...incredible teaching of the Ancient War Cry by Eric Ludy here and great revelation.  Be ready to get your game-face on and listen carefully!

There has been an ancient war cry throughout all the generations of the Hebrew....Rak Chazak (pronounced rock cra-zock).

Chazak is the rock-like "oomph" of the spiritually zealous heart, the game face of a mighty man, tenacity of soul, the gritting of the teeth of the spirit inspired warrior and the bearing of those teeth to the enemy. It is possessing a resolute and growling resolve for the glory of God, a flush of spiritual fervor, a tensing of all a soldier's muscles.  Do you have this spiritually?  We should have this -- as EVERYTHING WE NEED for LIFE and GODLINESS has been awarded to us already!  This is Chazak.  But what about Rak Chazak?

It came from Chazak Amats in the bible.  The other word that goes with it is Amats.  What is Amats?

Amats is heavenly audacity, it's rushing headlong into the most hazardous and impossible battles without pausing to consider the impossibilities.  It's a confidence in victory even before the field is taken.  It's lambs moving with liquid ferocity straight into the lion's lair.  It means swift footed, all-believing, super-conquering, prevailing faith in the Lord of Battles.

Who had Amats in the bible?  David against Goliath (I Samuel 17:1-58).   How about the three who overheard him in the cave of Adullam... for a cup of cool water from the well of Bethlehem. (2 Samuel 2:23)

Chazak and Amats is what came into the disciples after Pentecost - the Spirit of God.  Moses' last gasp, his great speech before the promised land (which he did not get to enter).  He is laying out the ground rules for the kingdom that is to be established across that Jordan river.  Be strong and of good courage - Chazak Amats....for the Lord thy God, He it is that does go with thee!  He will not fail thee nor forsake thee.  And Moses called unto Joshua in the sight of all Israel, Chazak!  Amats!  Be strong and of good courage!

We obey - God Wins!

Be strong and of good courage...Rak Chazak!